Tips for Moving

We hope that you have finally found the perfect accommodation that will be your new home for the next academic year. Once you’re finally settled in, you’ll be ready for all sorts of new adventures: throwing a housewarming party, buying some new plants to liven up your space, and discovering your new neighbourhood. There’s so much to do, but it’s necessary that you do not forget the essential things. Roomlala wants to be there for you to make everything just a little easier and that’s why we have created a practical guide to make your move as easy as possible.

Water, Gas, Electricity… Where to start?

We think we can assume you won’t be moving into a dark cave, and that’s why it’s necessary to speak with your new landlord beforehand about the energy and utility providers that will be servicing your new accommodation. While sometimes these bills are taken care of for you when you move in, this is not always the case. You may need to set up accounts beforehand so that everything is running by the time you move in. In addition to this, make sure to ask about the pricing of the utilities. It's good to know how much previous tenants, or people in other spaces in your building are paying so that you know how much to plan for beforehand so that you can make sure you don’t suffer from sticker-shock at the end of the month!

Internet Access: A Necessary Thing

While public WI-FI is sprouting up all over major cities, and can be quite convenient to use, don’t expect your new home to be within practical distance for this to be a reasonable solution to not having internet. Plus, these networks don’t normally offer great security measures, so unless you want your private information all over the internet, a private internet connection is a must. Prices today are quite reasonable with many different options. There is always a doable option for you especially if you can split the price with your roommate(s). Assistance: It Exists

Finding a place to rent and to move into can be hard. In many localities, there are government organisations along with private that will help you secure a guarantor if you are unable to find one. Check with local offices and online to see if there are options that are right for you.

Not only is there often help in finding a guarantor, there is also often help in paying your rent. While this is not true for all areas, there are government organisations that will help you financially. Most of these organisations will provide you with a monthly stipend that will help students make their rent payments just a little easier. See what is available to you by asking your local government offices as well as your university.

We hope you’re excited to move into your new home, but if you haven’t found one yet, don’t worry… We still have thousands of listings available on our site. Find yours by clicking here.