Decorating Your Accommodation: DIY Bedside Table Ideas

If you're into interior decorating and like being creative when it comes to making furniture or household objects, take a look at the following list that we've compiled. We all have a bedside table. These practical objects are perfect for storing objects or holding bedside lamps and the like. Why not get creative and transform the boring, old bedside table in your room into something fun?

A breezeblock bedside table



The idea of having cement blocks lying around your room may not be the first thing that comes to mind when decorating. However this simple and minimal design is both easy to achieve and can be created in a unique way that suits your needs.

A swingset bedside table



This idea may seem a little crazy, but if you want to try something completely different, this is for you! Make a swingset bedside table with two suspended pieces of rope and a simple corkboard or wooden plank.

A wooden chair beside table



Need a bedside table in a hurry but you don't want to spend loads of time and money? A simple wooden chair will do the trick. It might seem plain and simple but you can customise it by painting it or decorating it with a plant or something.

A beside drawer



Getting rid of your old chest of drawers? Why not save one of the drawers and re-use it as a bedside table. With a little DIY you can nail it to the wall and have a suspending drawer. Then all you need to do is decorate!

Replace your bedside table with a pile of books



A nice, temporary and practical solution for a bedside table. Use a pile of old books. If you want to decorate or add a personal touch, paint the books to match the colour of your room! This idea works better with bigger, bulkier hardback books.

A tree trunk bedside table



If you want to go for a more rustic look in your room, then why not use some old wooden logs? Use as many logs as you wish, depending on what size you want your bedside locker to be. You can play around the design of the logs, by painting them different colours.

Bedside suitcases



Last but not least, here's another creative bedside table idea. Why not use some luggage cases as a bedside table. You can easily create a stand out of your spare suitcases, and you can also save space by having your suitcases as a bedside table instead of them lying around the house.

Author: Roomlala