6 Criteria to Consider When Choosing a Bed & Breakfast

Bed & Breakfasts are a great accommodation choice for travellers. By combining conviviality and comfort, this option is attracting more and more holidaymakers each year. To find your perfect accommodation while avoiding any unpleasant surprises, you’ll need to consider certain criteria. Roomlala presents the best way to select a bed & breakfast.

Importance of photography

Before committing yourself to a rental, it is essential that you take the time to study the accommodation’s photographs. Indeed, a host who puts a lot of care in the quality of their images will almost certainly welcome their guests in the same way. Having quality photos makes it easier for you to judge the state of the accommodation and its level of comfort, provided that there are several of them!

Examine the conditions

Before definitively choosing your bed & breakfast, you should meticulously browse through all the conditions of the rental. Important critera such as additional services, any additional fees and charges, and the terms of terminating the contract need to be checked. To be sure that you’re make the right decision, don’t hesitate to directly contact the landlord if the ad isn’t explicit enough.


Are the reviews attractive?

Among the many revolutions brought about by the internet, the reviews posted by previous tenants have really disrupted clients’ level of engagement. Prior to selecting a rental, think about reading the reviews of former vacationers for plenty of relevant information.

What’s there to do around the rental?

In the criteria to be considered when choosing your accommodation, the environment is not one to be neglected. With a bit of research, you can easily know what recreational and lesiure activities are available locally. You can also contact the owners to find out more about the proximity of the places that interest you.

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How to ensure you don’t sleep near a motorway

On holidays as well as weekends, tranquility is particularly appreciated. To ensure that you’re not sleeping next to a busy highway or a chemical plant, have a look at Google Maps from the map available on Roomlala’s B&B ads, to find out what there is in the area.

An exchange can also be considered

Finally, the last (but certainly not the least) of the criteria to consider is the quality of the relationship that you could have with the landlord(s). In fact, the very principle of a bed & breakfast is being welcomed in somebody’s home, as well as benefiting from a friendly exchange with the person hosting you. You might even be able to offer the landlord some type of service in exchange for a reduced rent, such as language classes.